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Default Better late than never: The Tobey Blog.

So... I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, and I have a couple hours to kill before my next class and modo is down so why not. Enjoy the boring details of my life. I'll try to make this interesting by acting all emo every once in a while.

So anyway, this is my last semester of college. After I graduate I will be working for ? as a ? making $?. Should be pretty tough this semester, I have classes in Engineering Management (or something like that, the class title is very vague,) Programmable Logic Controllers (i.e. industrial robotics,) Mechanical Design Applications and my Senior Design Project.

So... Today, I didn't have my 8am class, which was kinda nice except I still had one at 9:10. That was the PLC class. Seems pretty interesting except the class is in a computer lab where half the stations don't face the projector, and given my consistency in arriving 2 minutes before class starts, all the forward facing seats were long gone so, looks like that one is going to be a bit uncomfortable.

Then I took a nap and went to Target to get a duffel bag for the flight to my dad's wedding this weekend. The trip to target was actually quite horrifying, because I still can't drive a stick very well. Basically, long story behind that, my dad moved to Washington DC recently and left his 1997 Integra GSR to my brother. I had wanted that car for a long time and was a little annoyed that he gave it to my brother, considering he needed a car because he treats his cars like crap, hits stuff, never changes the oil, etc. But then all summer, my brother never learned how to drive a stick and drove my mom's accord everywhere, and she had to give him that car to go to college. Although my mom has no problem driving stick, she doesn't like it because, among other things, it makes it harder to text while driving, so she traded me the Acura for my Camry. Which is nice, except I had this awesome car that I couldn't actually drive, so I'm getting there, but I stall getting it into first a lot.

Anyway, on the way to Target, this guy pulls up behind me at a light in this huge ass hummer. Of course I stall the car on my first attempt to get it into gear and he immediately leans on his horn and starts honking at me, which makes it infinitely harder. At the next light, he gets behind me again, despite the fact that there are empty lanes on either side, same thing happens as the last intersection. I almost want to fuck up some more just to piss this guy off. Finally, he just passes me and I had no more problems for the rest of the drive... that is until I was a block away from my house, turning left, when a bus let a bunch of people off right next to me. There were people looking at me from all 4 corners of the intersection so of course when I tried to get moving...CLUNKclunkclunk... and repeat four more times. The driving equivalent of not losing a game in the swiss and then getting blown out in the first round of top 8... i.e. the Tobey.

Yeah so... thats my first entry. Tobey out.
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